Tooth Extractions Knoxville, TN

Drs. Robert and Pamela Cain offer tooth extractions for severely damaged or infected teeth. Although considered a last resort treatment option, tooth extraction is sometimes necessary to maintain great long-term dental health. Dr. Cain may recommend a tooth extraction if your tooth is severely decayed, damaged, or contributing to overcrowding. Extractions are also a general dentistry service provided by East Tennessee Periodontics.

As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Robert Cain will thoroughly evaluate the overall health and stability of a tooth that is a possible candidate for extraction, seeking to save your natural tooth whenever possible. There are treatments that can restore tooth structure and improve bone stability to avoid extraction and maintain your natural bite.

We will address your dental concerns and restore your smile to a healthy and functional one. Sometimes a tooth can be saved. Do not decide that you need an extraction before consulting with a dentist first.

We do our best to save as much of your natural tooth as possible. We will conduct a thorough dental exam to determine the best course for your smile.

If we determine that you do not need tooth removal, we will give you options to relieve pain and save your tooth.

If we determine that your tooth is beyond saving, our dentists will work with you to create a plan of treatment to replace your lost tooth if necessary. Options for replacing teeth include dental implants, dentures, or an implant-supported dental bridge.

Tooth Extraction Process: What to Expect

In most cases, tooth extraction is actually a quick procedure. With the aid of a local anesthetic or sedation dentistry, it is almost always pain-free. The pain is from the infection and damage, not the procedure itself. We manage your pain with an anesthetic during your procedure.

We can also offer oral conscious sedation for those with dental anxiety.

The first part of the process is a consultation to evaluate the affected area. We will conduct digital diagnostics, which include digital x-rays, to see if there is anything we should look out for before treatment. If all looks good, we will begin the tooth removal procedure by numbing the area to be treated with a local anesthetic.

We numb you completely to ensure that you feel relaxed and experience no pain before beginning the extraction process.

Then, the periodontist or oral surgeon will take over. He gently moves the tooth back and forth in the socket with a special tool. This enables the tooth to gradually become separated from its ligament and slowly be pulled out of the socket. That’s it! Your pain should almost instantly go away.

Our oral surgeon will give you after-care instructions to help the socket and adjacent area heal properly and reduce the risk of infection. You can expect your socket to heal fully in 7 to 10 days.

Replacing Missing Teeth

If we remove a tooth because of damage or infection, we can address the gap in your smile with a replacement option. We may recommend a dental bridge or a dental implant to restore your tooth to full function and appearance.

For patients needing a tooth replacement, Dr. Cain may recommend a dental implant for its long-term benefits, natural function, and appearance. An oral surgeon places dental implants right into the jaw. Implants provide lasting oral health and stability, and support natural bone regeneration preventing deterioration of the jawline.

Dr. Cain places all types of dental implants to meet your unique needs. He has extensive training in implant dentistry and performs all phases of treatment in the comfort of our Knoxville dentist office.

Learn More About Dental Implants

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Knoxville, TN

Our office also provides patients with wisdom tooth removal services. Wisdom teeth should be removed if they push on other teeth, create an infection, are impacted, or give you pain when you chew. Younger patients benefit from this service to prevent the symptoms mentioned from happening down the road.

Schedule a consultation online today, or give Dr. Cain a call at (865) 276-7173. We look forward to helping you alleviate tooth pain quickly and effectively.