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Knoxville TN Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

Debra G.

All of you are great! For myself, organization, efficiency, professionalism, cleanliness along with laughter are extremely important in which all were exceeded with my office visit. My many questions were answered in the depth to which I understood, which was greatly appreciated. Thank you again for great care!!!

Joseph B.

The whole staff is friendly, efficient and professional - very good visit!

Dorothy G.

I met Alicia and she did my maintenance. She was personable and friendly; and as far as I know she did a good job cleaning my teeth, etc. The part of my bridge on the last tooth on the upper right inadvertently came off and she did me the favor of recementing it back on, which I appreciated.

Susanna B.

I was very impressed with everyone in the office. Dr. Cain spent time with me and I never felt rushed. He explained my options and was very thorough. When I went to check out I was told the only fee was to write a check for $50.00 to one of their charities they support. I wasn't even charged for the CTScan. Thanks to all.

Aaron B.

The dental hygienist, Ms. Rowell, was wonderful and done an amazing job. I absolutely loved Dr. Cain and his assistant Tina. I will be back again!

Elizabeth C.

Having met no one in the practice, I was so pleasantly surprised how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I was immediately comfortable with Rhonda, Tina and Dr. Rob. and while my reason for the visit wasn't good, I feel much more at ease with the treatment. Thank you so much!