Meet Knoxville, TN Dentist Dr. Pamela Cain

Dr. Pamela Cain: Dentist in Knoxville, TN

Meet one of the best dentists Knoxville TN has to offer, Dr. Pamela Cain. Training, experience, and compassion are just a few of the traits that set Dr. Cain apart from other dentists in the Hardin Valley, TN area.

Dr. Cain focuses her practice on treating adult patients who have complex dental problems. These problems can include gum disease, worn teeth, missing teeth, and aesthetic concerns.

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Dr. Cain and her staff dedicate themselves to providing personal, quality dental care, held to the highest standards of the profession. Her treatment and patient relations are always performed in a conscientious and caring manner. Dr. Cain strives to create a relationship between herself, the patient, and the staff in which there exists a mutual feeling of openness, trust, and respect.

This foundational relationship provides the opportunity to present multiple treatment plans and options founded on sound judgment, clinical experience, and professional training to best benefit the patient’s dental health. She will offer a wide array of options to make sure you leave our dental practice with good oral health.

Dental Training & Education

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Dr. Cain was born in Cleveland, Tennessee and grew up in Colombia, South America. She graduated from dental school in Bogotá and practiced for a year and a half before returning to the United States. In 1997 she graduated from University of Tennessee Memphis College of Dentistry and has been in private practice ever since.

Dr. Cain is committed to advanced training and has completed courses at the Dawson Academy, one of the world’s leading post graduate educational facilities. The Dawson Academy teaches the principles of complete dentistry where the patient is examined as a whole and comprehensive treatment planning is conducted to give the patients the best functional and aesthetic results without over treatment. Dr. Cain is proud to announce that she is now a Scholar with the Dawson Academy.

In addition, Dr. Cain has studied an advanced and comprehensive program on Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) and Orofacial Pain with Dr. Jeffrey Okeson at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Dr. Okeson is a leading educator on the subject of orofacial pain and TMD, teaching students from around the world and lecturing extensively to the dental and medical communities.

Dr. Okeson has the most comprehensive program that covers everything from the basics and importance of the occlusion through making a proper diagnosis of TMD and orofacial pain, to a range of conservative and effective treatment methods.

Advanced Training for Neural Occlusion

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Dr. Cain is both a patient and practitioner of DTR ( Disclusion Time Reduction) for the treatment of temporal pain and headaches in the Hardin Valley area. A Level II DTR dentist, Dr. Cain offer patients who suffer with frequent undiagnosed headaches the opportunity to analyze, diagnose and treat the root cause of their pain- not just the symptoms. This results in improved overall health and well being and long term pain relief.

Furthermore, Dr. Cain uses advanced diagnostics and bite analysis to effectively measure the factors affecting both muscle function, muscle tension and biting forces. All of these are key factors in TMJ and temporal headaches.

We will provide patients with individual treatment plans that we design to address their specific needs. The use of scientific based analytics leads to more predictable, long term results. Visit our family dentistry for comprehensive treatment plans today.

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