Treating TMJ Symptoms With Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy (DTR)

More than 15 million people suffer from a type of bite disorder. But luckily, due to advancements in dental technology, a new form of therapy has been created to help those who suffer from TMD and other bite disorders. Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy (DTR) is a groundbreaking new form of therapy that helps patients alleviate headaches related to TMJ, Orofacial Pain, Jaw Dysfunction, and Bite Disorders. Knoxville, TN dentist Dr. Pamela Cain of Today’s Dentistry is specially trained in DTR Therapy and is dedicated to helping patients alleviate their symptoms.

With DTR, Dr. Pamela Cain can accurately measure the function of a patient’s jaw and bite pressure. By accurately assessing both the jaw and bite, Dr. Cain can diagnose and treat patients with headaches, orofacial pain, and TMJ symptoms.Patients can feel like they can have control of their lives with this groundbreaking new therapy without worrying about constant headaches and orofacial pain.

Benefits of DTR

  • Less margin of error
  • Accurate measurement with the use of Tekscan™ Bio-EMG technology
  • Minimizes the amount of time fused to perform treatment
  •  DTR cuts out the “guess work” for a dentist

DTR leaves the guesswork out of diagnosing and treating bite and jaw disorders. Unlike traditional therapies, DTR uses a revolutionary new computer-guided system to help treat patients with bite and jaw disorders.Traditional treatment methods like mouthguards are only useful when being worn. However, once the mouthguard was removed, the symptoms would return.

With DTR therapy, Dr. Cain can measure minute time and force occlusion with the use of Tekscan™ Bio-EMG technology (T-scan). The T-scan allow Dr.Cain to accurately diagnose the issues with time and force intervals, bit disorders, and jaw dysfunction. With an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Cain can effectively treat patients and alleviate their symptoms.

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