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What options do I have if I suffer from tooth loss? Tooth loss is a common dental issue among adults, so you must have a stable system in place to help give those patients their smiles back. All-On-Four is a revolutionary new system in our Knoxville, TN, office. It allows patients to receive a full bottom or top arch of teeth with as few as four dental implants.

These dental implants have made it possible for patients missing a full arch or a full set of teeth to enjoy the long-term benefits of dental implants. All-on-four is great for patients who want a more stable and permanent solution than unsecured dentures. The dental implant can securely fuse into the jaw bone to create a stable foundation for your new teeth.

This unique treatment approach can restore full function without the daily maintenance, dietary restrictions, and garbled speech of traditional dentures. Properly fused implants prevent further bone loss.

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The Benefits of All-On-Four

Patients who receive All-On-Four get the same benefits as other dental implant patients. They prevent your jawbone from deteriorating further and give you a stable restoration. You regain almost full functionality of your teeth and can eat a healthy, balanced diet.

The denture restoration also keeps your face looking full. It supports the facial muscles and avoids the sagging look that occurs when you lose natural jawbone.

An All-on-Four denture gives you a full restoration without the hassle of removable dentures. You don’t need to use messy adhesive to keep the denture in your mouth.

The restoration also can’t slip or fall out when you’re speaking or eating. You don’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed when something happens in public with your denture. You can be confident when you’re out in public.

Without the adhesive, you don’t have a difficult maintenance routine, either. Removable dentures require special soaks and tools to ensure that all of the adhesive is removed and they’re properly clean.

With All-on-Four, there’s no extra maintenance needed. You have to brush the restoration and take care of it like you would your normal teeth. Use a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to ensure the restoration is not scratched or damaged.

All-On-Four efficiently replaces your missing teeth. Patients with diminished bone structure can also use this solution, even if they aren’t qualified for traditional dental implants.

This means more patients are eligible for a procedure that can help restore their smiles and stabilize long-term oral health. Knoxville periodontist Dr. Robert Cain will work with you to restore comfort, functionality, and beauty to your smile.

All-on-Four Secured Dental Bridges and Dentures

All On Four in Knoxville, Tennessee

You can complete the All-On-Four treatment in just one visit with proper, thorough treatment planning. If necessary, our dentist will remove the problem teeth, place the dental implants, and give you a temporary dental bridge in one treatment. This is known as “Teeth in a Day.”

Dr. Cain will use advanced 3-D technology to accurately take an image of your gums, jaw, and teeth. With 3-D imaging, Dr. Cain can precisely place your dental implants. He can use these images to find the best areas of the jaw bone to place the implants.

Once he finds the best placement for the implants, he will strategically place the post in the jaw. The post fuses with the jawbone. This allows us to place the new bridge, denture, or crown.

Once fused, Dr. Cain will work with a local dentist to fabricate and securely place your new dental restoration for a new smile that will restore your quality of life.

All-On-Four vs. Snap-On Dentures

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Patients who have removable or snap-on dentures can suffer from slippage, resulting in a less confident smile. Although snap-on dentures improve the bite’s function, they cannot restore full function. Snap-on dentures are not permanent and are removable. Because of this, they can wear down and lose stability over time.

All-On-Four helps patients get their confidence back by properly securing their dentures or bridges into place. This treatment allows dentures and bridges to securely attach to the jaw bone. All-On-Four provides a stable, functional surface for their dentures or bridges.

Patients can speak, chew, and eat comfortably without worrying about slippage. All-On-Four treatment is a permanent solution for missing teeth.

All-On-Four Implants FAQs

Learn more about teeth implants in Knoxville, TN, with answers to these common questions:

How long do All-On-Four implants last?

There are two main parts of All-On-Four implants to consider when it comes to replacement due to age. The four implant posts last a lifetime. If they’re not damaged, you will not need replacement.

However, the denture attachment needs replacement after about 15 years. Most patients do not need to replace the implant posts because they act as new tooth roots.

Are All-On-Four implant dentures removable?

No. While it may look removable, All-On-Four is not meant for you to remove it. This restoration is permanent.

However, your dentist can remove it for a couple of reasons, including if you develop infected teeth or gums. Do not try to remove it yourself, because you can damage to your gums, jawbone, and the restoration itself.

Can food stick under All-On-Four?

Food will rarely stick under your All-On-Four restoration, but it can happen. Sometimes, your gum tissue can change during or after we create your All-On-Four restoration.

This can create small areas where food can accumulate between the prosthesis and your gums. Use a Waterpik or similar floss to routinely clean under your prosthesis. If you have food you cannot remove, or if this problem is common, we can adjust your resotration.

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