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Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss and can become an embarrassing and complex concern affecting your daily quality of life. Gum disease may begin as a mild, often unnoticeable set of symptoms ranging from bleeding gums to increased sensitivity. Left untreated, it can compromise the health and structure of the teeth as large pockets of infection develop along the gum line.LANAP certified dentist in Knoxville Tennessee

Many patients avoid seeking the dental treatment they need due to fear, fear of painful procedures, and fear of embarrassment over the condition of their oral health. Dr. Robert Cain and the team at East Tennessee Periodontics welcome patients with any stage of periodontal disease and offer comprehensive options for your specific needs.

Dr. Cain is a certified Knoxville TN LANAP dentist who can help patients with advanced damage from gum disease restore their oral health without needing a surgical procedure.

Benefits of LANAP®

knoxville dentist for LANAPLANAP is a laser treatment for addressing the effects of advanced gum disease, even in patients who may have been told that their teeth are “hopeless”. The FDA has cleared this minimally-invasive treatment since 2004. LANAP is designed to treat only the damaged tissue and to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. Some key benefits include:

  • Safe for patients who are diabetic
  • Less discomfort and bleeding
  • Significantly reduced downtime after your procedure
  • NO sutures
  • Can save failing dental implants

LANAP: About the Procedure

Using the PerioLase MVP-7, LANAP harnesses the minimally invasive accuracy of laser energy to remove diseased soft tissue and stimulate the body’s natural healing response for the regrowth of healthy attachment between the teeth and gums.

The PerioLase laser has unique wavelength properties that enable patients on blood thinners or an aspirin regimen to receive treatment without discontinuing their medication. Dr. Robert Cain is a few Hardin Valley area dentists certified and trained in the LANAP procedure. He will meet with you to evaluate the condition of your oral health and determine if the LANAP procedure is the solution for you.

During the initial consultation, we may also perform a perio charting to be used as a guide for the LANAP treatment. LANAP typically requires two treatments, one for each arch of teeth, for a successful result. Performed using a local anesthetic in most cases, patients can drive themselves to and from their appointment and resume normal daily activities.

Braces After LANAP: complete a smile makeover

If advanced periodontal disease damages the aesthetics or function of your smile, Dr. Cain can work with you after LANAP to address concerns and complete a smile makeover. She can straighten crooked teeth and correct mild to moderate bite problems using clear braces or aligners.

Treatment with Six Month Smiles or Invisalign gives you a beautiful new smile. It also supports your renewed oral health after LANAP for long-term oral wellness.

Short-term orthodontics using invisible braces will complement the results of your restored gum health after LANAP by stabilizing your bite with proper tooth position. Enabling the teeth to make proper contact will minimize stress on the jaw joints and prevent future tooth or gum damage.

Painless Gum Disease Treatments in Knoxville, TN

The most important element of treating gum disease is timing- the earlier it is treated, the better. The health of your gums can impact your overall health and well-being. Gum disease compromises the integrity of your teeth and your body’s ability to keep harmful bacteria out of the bloodstream.

Poor oral health and gum disease have increased heart attack and stroke risks. Gum disease can also increase the risk of developing cardiovascular or systemic disease.

Restoring healthy gums will improve your overall health and the aesthetics of your smile. You can feel confident sharing your smile. You also know that your dental health is stable, supporting your long-term physical health and well-being.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry allows patients to receive their dental care without fear or anxiety. We can perform more procedures in a single visit, saving the patient time and money. Knoxville, TN area periodontist, Dr. Cain, offers both oral sedation and IV sedation.

He will recommend which sedation dentistry option is most suitable for you depending on your medical history and the type of treatment you will be receiving.


Who is a candidate for LANAP laser surgery?

LANAP laser surgery is best for patients with moderate-to-severe gum disease issues. The LANAP protocol is a viable treatment option if you fear oral surgery.

Will dental insurance cover LANAP treatment?

Periodontal disease treatments are covered by most insurance carriers but will differ from carrier to carrier. Contact your dental insurance provider to see if your dental plan covers LANAP. They may elect to cover part of the treatment if they don’t cover the entire cost.

Will gums regrow after LANAP treatment?

LANAP stimulates the natural regeneration of healthy gum tissue after your laser treatments. This service provides permanent results that may not require follow-up treatments for most patients.

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LANAP can give you a healthy smile without the need for oral surgery, associated risks, and possible restorative follow-up dental care. Dr. Robert Cain works with patients on an individualized basis to address their specific needs and provide appropriate recommended treatment options.

If you have been hiding your smile or been told, there is nothing that can be done about your advanced gum disease, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cain in our Knoxville, TN dentist office.