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Your teeth are not the only part of a healthy smile. Your gums and their health and appearance are also very important. Receding gums are a common problem that can make your smile look unbalanced. Patients may feel self-conscious or embarrassed by their smiles.

This can begin to affect a patient’s quality of life. Although, receding gums can also cause oral health complications. When gums recede too far, they can expose the underlying root surface. When exposed, with nothing to protect the root, this makes patients susceptible to tooth loss or infection.

They also cause uncomfortable tooth sensitivity. Receding gums can be caused by many things, including poor oral hygiene, brushing too hard, tobacco use, teeth grinding, or tooth misalignment. The number one thing that causes gums to erode is periodontal disease.

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Receding Gum Treatment in Knoxville, TN

The kind of treatment needed depends on how severe the condition is. Mild gum recession can be treated with something as simple as more intensive oral cleaning. Severe gum recession requires surgical intervention.

Treating Mild Gum Recession

When gums recede and pull away from the teeth, pockets or gaps form between the teeth and gums. Bacteria that can lead to diseases build up in these pockets. It is important to visit your dentist if you notice your teeth becoming longer or begin to experience tooth sensitivity.

Only a professional teeth cleaning can clean out those pockets to remove the bacteria and prevent gums from receding further. Ignoring gum disease will only cause your gums to get worse. Knoxville, TN periodontist Dr. Robert Cain provides thorough and personalized periodontal treatment for receding gums and other gum conditions.

We’ll also discuss proper oral healthcare and lifestyle and diet changes. Things like smoking, chewing tobacco, or drinking a lot of alcohol can all contribute to gum recession. So can a diet that’s heavy on sugary or acidic foods. If these intensive cleaning and lifestyle changes don’t fix the issue, we’ll have to move on to more intensive care.

Bonding or gum grafts are the next solutions that we’ll try. Bonding uses a special material that’s similar to your gum tissue. The bonding material helps to seal the gum line and protect the tooth roots and nerves from further exposure. Gum grafts take tissue from other parts of your mouth, like the roof of your mouth, and place it over the exposed areas.

Treating Severe Gum Recession

Dr. Cain is highly trained and experienced in tissue additive procedures for correcting receding gum lines. Offering a range of treatments for receding gums allows Dr. Cain to customize your periodontal treatment for consistent and natural-looking results dependent on your personal oral health concerns.

The treatment used will depend on the cause and the extent of the eroding gums. In addition to treating you, Dr. Cain will recommend changing your habits that may have led to the recession.

Chao Pinhole Technique for Receding Gums

Dr. Cain is one of the only certified providers of the patented Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique in Knoxville. This state-of-the-art technique eliminates the need for invasive gum surgery to correct receding gums.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a revolutionary procedure for treating receding gums. No scalpels are involved, only a very sharp needle. That needle penetrates a small hole in the gums. Dr. Cain stretches that hole so it’s big enough to insert special tools to manipulate the gum tissue. Pinhole Surgery can treat receding gums and gummy smiles, depending on how the tissue is modified.

The impacts of this procedure are just about instant. The gum tissue heals like it normally would if you had an injury or issue. Your gums will look pinker and healthier than they did before the procedure. There’s minimal pain and bleeding as it’s a minimally-invasive process. No cutting or sutures are involved. You also have a lesser risk of infections or other complications because it is minimally invasive.

Receding Gums FAQs

Can gums grow back after a recession?

Once gums have receded, they will not grow back. There are dental treatments that can reattach gum tissues, but gums cannot regrow on their own.

What happens if you don’t treat gum recession?

Patients may notice gaps between their teeth and gum line if gum recession is not treated. Gum recession may also damage tissue causing infections and bone structure that may result in tooth loss.

How do you prevent or reverse a receding gum line?

Patients can prevent gum recession by regularly brushing and flossing their teeth twice daily. Patients should also schedule dental cleanings every six months to prevent gum recession. We can provide periodontal treatments to help gum recession if it’s a genetic issue.

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