Bringing Balance to a Gummy Smile

gummy smile treatment in Knoxville TNDo you have a “gummy smile” that makes you feel self-conscious about your smile? If you have a low gum line or large gum area you may feel as though your smile is not balanced, making your teeth appear too small. Knoxville, TN periodontist Dr. Robert Cain offers treatment options for restoring aesthetics to a gummy smile.

Treating Gummy Smiles

Some patients may wish to recontour their gum line for cosmetic reasons. Others may find gum contouring necessary to receive additional dental procedures to restore their oral health. Dr. Cain offers patients comprehensive consultations for gum health and can help patients determine which treatment is appropriate to meet their goals.

Treatments that address a gummy smile are referred to as tissue subtractive procedures. These cosmetic treatment options use a variety of techniques to remove excess gum tissue to restore balance to the smile.

  • Gingivectomy: Using state of the art laser dentistry, Dr. Cain can remove extra tissue and recontour the gum line. Laser dentistry for the treatment of gummy smiles is minimally invasive and eliminates the need for sutures. Laser dentistry allows for minimal downtime, less bleeding and less swelling. Patients with hyperplasia, often caused by an orthodontic appliance, may benefit from a gingivectomy.
  • Crown Lengthening Procedure: For patients with excess gum tissue covering their teeth, Dr. Cain can use dental crown lengthening to bring balance to the gums and teeth. Dental crown lengthening works by removing and reshaping the gum line to expose more tooth surface. Dr. Cain is highly trained and experienced in this procedure and provides natural looking results.

Choosing Periodontist Dr. Cain

Knoxville, TN periodontist Dr. Cain offers comprehensive services to restore the health of the gums and teeth for their long-term, stable oral health. With over 20 years of advanced education and experience, Dr. Cain is uniquely qualified to help patients restore the beauty, function, and health to their smiles. If you are self-conscious or unhappy with the contour of your gum line, Dr. Cain can help. Contact our Knoxville dentist office or schedule your consultation online.