Get Whiter Teeth in Knoxville, TN

Is your smile dull or discolored?

At Todays Dentistry in Knoxville, TN, cosmetic dentist Dr. Pamela Cain offers long lasting, natural looking solutions for patients dealing with a wide range of dental concerns. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to improve the appearance of your smile is professional teeth whitening. Dr. Cain offers professional teeth whitening trays that patients can use in the comfort of their own homes on their own time. Patients will need to visit Today’s Dentistry for a consultation to determine if professional teeth whitening is right for them. If you are interested in professional teeth whitening, contact Today’s Dentistry. To schedule an appointment call (865) 276-7173 or schedule an appointment online.

Teeth Whitening in Knoxville, TN

If you have discolored teeth, it is important to visit our Knoxville, TN dental office. Dr. Cain will carefully examine your teeth to determine if your teeth discoloration is caused by a more complex dental issue. Dr. Cain will address any underlying dental problems before treated your teeth discoloration with cosmetic dentistry. Some stains can’t be treated using professional teeth whitening. However, Dr. Cain offers a wide range of service that can be used to address discolored teeth and eliminate stubborn stains. Depending on your needs, Dr. Cain may suggest porcelain veneers, dental bonding, or a dental crown.

If teeth whitening is right for you, Dr. Cain will need to take impressions of your teeth to create your custom teeth whitening tray. Having properly fitted teeth whitening trays promotes a more effective treatment and limits complications. Once your teeth whitening trays are completed, Dr. Cain will go over the terms of your treatment. Patients can expect to see results gradually throughout their teeth whitening treatment.

Ask About Smiles for Life

Through March, April, May, and June, Dr. Cain will be participating in the Smiles for Life campaign. The Smiles for Life campaign helps sick, displaced, disabled, and underprivileged kids all over the U.S, Canada, and the rest of the world. Proceeds from every teeth whitening service will be donated to the Smiles for Life Foundation. If you would like to learn more about the Smiles for Life campaign, or what you can do to help, visit Today’s Smiles in Knoxville, TN.