Patient’s Share Their Experience With Dr. Cain

At East Tennessee Periodontics our priority fostering a welcoming environment focused on open communication so that our patients can make informed decisions about their personal oral health care. Led by periodontist Dr. Robert Cain our team incorporates state of the art dental technology with our advanced skill set to provide comprehensive treatment for advanced dental concerns. Our periodontal services are tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Nothing attests to our standard of care like the stories of our patients. This month, we want to share a few patient testimonials with you. Our patients vocalize how our attention to detail, personalized attention, and state of the art facility have helped them enhance, restore, and build confidence in their beautiful smiles. We welcome new and returning patients from the Knoxville, TN area to experience the difference comprehensive, personalized and advanced periodontal services can make in their lives.

Dr. Cain’s Patients Share Their Stories

“I had a procedure done here and Dr. Cain and his staff were amazing. I felt little to no discomfort and they always made sure that I was ok throughout the entire process. If they noticed that I was sensitive in an area they would be as gentle as they could to make sure that I was not in any pain. They listened to my concerns and answered any questions that I had. I feel very comfortable when I am there. As I was about to leave my car my battery had died, one of the ladies that worked there saw we were having issues and ran to get her car to give us a boost and get us on our way to pick up the kids from school. Very friendly staff and that is so important to make the patients feel like they are being taken care of! I have to come back for surgery in November but I am not nervous at all. I feel like I am in great hands!  “Charity A. 

“Dr. Cain and his assistant Tina, seem to really enjoy people. I felt like I was their favorite patient, even though I had never met them before. They weren’t planning on giving me gas but willingly obliged when I requested it. They included me in their conversations (two laser surgeries) so I felt very special. They pulled my 4 wisdom teeth and treated both sides of my mouth for periodontal problems. One half the first week and the second half the second week. Tina called me at home between appointments to answer any questions and I had a few. Dr. Cain was very relaxed, informative, and proficient and did a terrific job. I would highly recommend this office”. Julie R.

“Very pleasant and informative. The staff knows all ins and outs of any insurance. The wait in the office was minuscule. It is a comfortable clean environment. Dr Cain is very skilled. I had no anxiety of my procedure.” Cynthia J.

“I was astonished at the level of care offered at the Cain’s dental practice. The first indication that I had found an extraordinary dental practice was right after my first contact. My appointment wasn’t for two weeks but Dr. Cain reviewed my symptoms with the receptionist (more on her later) and had her call me to say I needed to find a dentist asap because I might have an infection. As it turned out I did and thanks to Dr. C it was treated early. I needed to cram as much of the necessary work into December before my insurance turned over and their amazing scheduler/wizard managed to schedule everything within 1 week…” Deb H.

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