What Is Oral DNA Analysis?

Periodontist Dr. Robert Cain provides advanced diagnostics and treatment options for maintaining and restoring gum health. Healthy gums are the cornerstone of oral wellness. Gums play a vital role in the stability and function of your bite as well as the aesthetic of your smile.

Dr. Cain is a member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED). Dr. Cain is on the forefront of new developments and treatment protocols using microscope technologies. Using this revolutionary technology, Dr. Cain is able to offer patients a DNA analysis of their oral bacteria.

Why do I need an oral DNA analysis?

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Microscope dentistry and oral DNA analysis allow Dr. Cain to develop a more clear and precise overview of your oral health. Oral DNA analysis shoes what types of bacteria are on the surfaces in your mouth and can present any known and present pathogens. Dr. Cain can help patients catch the oral disease before it is fully developed, preventing damage to the teeth and gums.

Oral DNA gives patients unique insight into their oral health and their potential risk of developing advanced dental concerns.  Oral DNA analysis is a diagnostic tool that provides more accurate treatment options for conservative dental care.

With just a simple swab of your saliva, Dr. Cain can help protect your smile from the disease.

Remeber- your oral health has a direct impact on your systemic health.  The wrong type of oral bacteria in the mouth can impact the wellness of your entire body. Gum disease increases patients risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes along with many other conditions. The oral DNA test opens a window into our overall physical well being and enables Dr. Cain to make individualized recommendations for preventive and restorative treatment.