Adult Orthodontics

At Today’s Dentistry, we believe it is never too late to invest in your oral health and improve your smile. Adults seeking orthodontic treatment can work with Dr. Pamela Cain to choose from a range of treatment options that are tailored to fit their lifestyle. Dr. Cain offers orthodontic treatments from Invisalign clear aligners to innovative lingual braces. Adult patients can straighten their teeth, realign their bites and improve the aesthetics of their smile all without bulky visible metal braces.

Types of Braces

No adult wants to walk around with a mouth full of metal. With advances in dental technology, you no longer have to hide your smile because of crooked teeth. Today’s Dentistry offers the following types of discreet options to straighten your smile:

  • Clear aligners:  Aligners will fit over the teeth much like a mouth guard, providing the most discreet orthodontic treatment for mild to moderate concerns. Dr. Rever offers Clear Correct and is an Invisalign® provider. These clear aligner systems provide relatively fast treatment times with excellent cosmetic results.
  • Invisible braces:  Invisible braces use clear or tooth-colored brackets on the teeth making the braces less visible than traditional metal braces.
  • Lingual braces:  Similar to traditional metal braces in function, lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth for a more discreet appearance. Lingual braces are practically invisible to others and can help to correct more advanced orthodontic concerns.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options

Invisible braces can enable adult patients to achieve the smile they desire with minimal treatment time. Dr. Cain offers short-term orthodontic treatment with Smart Moves® invisible braces. Smart Moves provides a convenient option for adult patients with mild or moderate concerns that are affecting the teeth. With Smart Moves, no one has to know you are wearing braces and your new smile will gradually emerge over a period of several months to about a year.

Smart Moves may be recommended to treat:

  • Minor tooth crowding
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Misalignment of teeth
  • Overbite

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary braces system that is barely visible but provides precise results. Quick, discreet, and effective- Six Month Smiles is an ideal solution for aligning crooked teeth in teen and adult patients. Dr. Cain uses Six Month Smiles to help patients address mild malocclusion and straighten crooked teeth in less time and with less hassle than traditional braces. Brackets and wires are tooth-colored so that they blend in and are less noticeable than metal braces.

Dr. Cain offers the most advanced orthodontic treatment options for patients. Optimal results are achieved in the least amount of time with the smallest inconvenience to the patients. Call us at (865) 219-3622 to request an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Cain, or schedule an appointment online.