Tips To Help You Prevent Gingivitis

Everyone wants to have a healthy, beautiful and functioning smile that will last a lifetime. Some patients think that may not have the time or money to maintain a healthy smile. We are going to give you some inexpensive tips that you can complete at home to help ensure that your smile is exactly the way it was intended for your entire lifetime.


What Is Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the beginning stages of gum disease, and it is very common. It is a mild form of gum disease that will cause irritation, redness, and selling of your gums. Gingivitis is completely reversible and preventable, however, if ignored, it can lead to a much more serious form of gum disease called periodontitis that can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Helpful Tips To Prevent Gingivitis


Brushing Daily

  • Be Sure to brush your teeth at least twice per day with an emphasis on brushing after each meal. If you brush after each meal, it will give bacteria not enough time to settle down in your mouth and grow.


  • Flossing is just as important as brushing. Flossing will get down into the hard to reach places in between your teeth and help remove plaque and tarter that will find a way to hide in your mouth eventually causing gingivitis.


  • Try using mouthwash after flossing as it will help remove any debris that you may have missing during brushing and flossing.


  • Not only do tobacco products hurt your overall health, but they are also detrimental to your oral health. Tobacco will affect our ability to diagnose you properly with gingivitis, which will directly affect our ability to properly treat your gingivitis. Smoking will also cause other oral health issues such as staining, and halitosis not to mention health issues such as diabetes and stroke.

Regular Check-Ups At Our Office

  • We recommend visiting our office at least twice per year for a professional cleaning and checkup. This will help us remove any plaque or tartar that you may have missed while cleaning. Also, we will be able to locate and address any concerns that we may see before they become a serious dental issue.


If you or a loved one are worried about developing gingivitis and want help discussing your daily oral hygiene routine, contact Dr. Robert Cain, DDS at our Knoxville, TN dentist office or schedule a consultation online.