Osseous Surgery for Your Periodontitis

Osseous Surgery for Your Periodontitis

Do you suffer from advanced periodontitis? Unfortunately, once gum disease gets to this stage, it can be hard to treat. For patients with progressive periodontitis, osseous surgery may be able to help.

What Is Osseous Surgery?

Osseous surgery is a surgical deep cleaning used to slow or stop the progress of periodontitis. Periodontitis is more than gum disease. Early-stage gum disease, often called gingivitis, can be treated with more diligent cleaning. If left untreated, gingivitis becomes periodontitis. Pockets of bacteria develop around the roots of the teeth, inside the gums. These pockets can do a lot of damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw. The longer these pockets are left alone, the deeper they get. Over time, teeth can loosen and fall out. Osseous surgery cleans out these pockets to help slow the damage. It is a last-choice treatment for advanced gum disease.

How Does it Work?

Osseous surgery uses a local anesthetic so the procedure is pain -free. Since the relief is just local, you can even drive yourself to and from your appointment! If the thought of being awake during your surgery makes you nervous, ask us about sedation dentistry.

During the procedure, Dr. Robert Cain will open the gum tissue slightly and push it back. This will expose the pockets so that Dr. Cain can remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria and clean the roots of the teeth. Once the pockets are clean. Dr. Cain will reshape and mold the bone to a healthier shape. This helps prevent the development of new pockets and can help keep the teeth more firmly rooted. If necessary, this procedure can be combined with bone grafting or Oral Tissue Regeneration for the best possible results. Once the procedure is complete, the gum tissue is moved back and sutured into place.


Dr. Robert Cain is a periodontist who specializes in treating gum disease, so you can know that you are in the best possible hands. Immediately after your surgery, an ice pack can help with pain and swelling. Dr. Cain will also schedule a follow-up appointment to check in on your healing.

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