Millions of Americans suffer from headaches and unexplained facial pain. You may have a Neuropathic Orofacial Pain Disorder if you have symptoms that continue even after treatment from physicians and dentists.

Orofacial pain is extremely frustrating for patients. The pain from these disorders is often chronic. It originates from the brain and nerves of the head, face, and neck.

In the past, patients were told their pain was simply psychological. Research shows that there are physical origins for the pain. and when properly diagnosed by a trained clinician, effective treatment can be reached.

Likewise, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) can cause tension-type headaches often caused by the stress of teeth grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep and throughout the day. Many times, qualified dentists treat these types of headaches through appropriate dental procedures and splint therapy.

Dr. Cain has extensive advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of orofacial pain, including resulting headaches. Using Tekscan™ Bio-EMG technology that can evaluate your muscle tension and bite forces. Our dentist works with patients on a one-to-one basis to address symptoms and identify the underlying cause of their pain.

This comprehensive diagnostic approach is the key to providing the right treatment options for lasting relief of painful symptoms and improved overall oral health.

Headache Therapy in Knoxville, TN

Treatment for headaches caused by TMJ disorders or orofacial pain is specific to the individual. Dr. Cain will make a careful review of the patient’s medical and dental history as well as perform a physical examination and series of diagnostic tests.

Based on her findings, she will make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment strategy. Depending on the complexity of the problem, we sometimes attempt one or several treatments before an effective approach is found.

Treatment for headaches and other facial pain often requires Dr. Cain to take a “multidisciplinary approach”, which involves a team of medical professionals working together*. Treatment ranges from a minor adjustment to the bite, a mouth guard or splint, or in complex cases, a combination of procedures and therapies restore normal jaw position and function.

(*It is important to note that in some cases Dr. Cain may need additional 3-D scans or an MRI. Dental insurance doesn’t often cover these diagnostics. Dr. Cain will coordinate your recommended care and provide an estimate of the cost to you.)

DTR for Headaches in Hardin Valley

Dr. Cain is one of few local Knoxville dentists trained in Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy (DTR). DTR is a comprehensive treatment protocol that reduces headaches related to jaw dysfunction, or TMJ.

DTR therapy goes beyond treating the common symptoms of TMJ and bite disorders, restoring a healthy bite, and helping patients avoid permanent damage to the teeth and gums as a result of jaw tension and an unstable bite.

Using advanced analytics, Dr. Cain will evaluate the function of your bite and the forces of your jaw muscles. These two aspects of your overall dental health play an important role in the maintenance of a comfortable bite that is not causing tension in the jaw joints. Tension leads to headaches, jaw pain, and other common symptoms of TMJ disorders.

DTR therapy will identify and treat the underlying functional cause of your headaches for a sustainable, long-term result that will also support your oral health.

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