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Microscope Dentistry

microscope dentistry knoxville tnDr. Robert Cain is trained in the use of microscopes and oral DNA analysis for diagnosing and treating dental concerns related to gum health. Microscope dentistry can allow for more precision in your treatment, analysis of what is affecting your oral health and ongoing monitoring of long-term results. Dr. Cain is a member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED) and stays informed of new developments and treatment protocols using microscope technologies.

Dr. Cain uses the services of OralDNA® laboratories to analyze the bacteria on surfaces in your mouth, looking for pathogens that are known to cause gum disease. Patients can learn about their unique oral health concerns as well as possible overall health risks that can be associated with certain types of bacteria.

What Is Oral DNA Analysis?

periodontist in knoxville tn for oral dna analysisOral DNA analysis is a comprehensive treatment tool for the most individualized treatment recommendations and more predictable results. After taking a swab of your saliva, Dr. Cain will send it the OralDNA® Labs for testing and diagnostics. The results will provide important insight into the current state of your oral health as well as valuable information about your unique risk factors for both dental health and systemic health concerns.

The bacteria present in the mouth can provide a window into our overall physical well being and enable Dr. Cain to make individualized recommendations for maintaining your oral health and monitoring for other health concerns, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.