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Are you frustrated about your ill-fitting dentures? Are you missing a full row of teeth?

Dentures and partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Teeth serve an important role in the overall health of our bodies. Without them, we are more susceptible to infections, diseases, overall health issues, and oral cancer. People who are missing teeth often look older than they really are.

Without your teeth in place to support the lips and cheeks, the lower part of your face droops and sags over time. Dr. Robert Cain and provides experienced restorative dental care for the replacement of missing teeth and offer both traditional and implant-supported dentures to meet the needs of the individual patient.

Our team approach to your tooth replacement needs combines the specialty of periodontics with advanced cosmetic training and experience for an exceptional result. Your new smile should feel good, look good and also fit comfortably to support your long term dental health.

Implant-Supported Overdenture

An implant-supported overdenture is an alternative to traditional removable dentures. Though the implant-supported prosthesis is a greater financial investment, the long term benefits outweigh initial cost concerns. These types of dentures are secured to your mouth using two to four strategically placed dental implants.

Implant-supported dentures can offer a range of health and lifestyle benefits when compared to traditional removable dentures:

  • Stable, secure restoration: the implants will be used to permanently secure your new teeth to the gums.
  • Normal chewing ability is restored: implant dentures will allow you to chew foods without fear of slippage or falling out. Patients can enjoy a more nutritious and varied diet.
  • Confident speech: your new secure smile will allow you to speak normally and confidently, enabling a healthy social life.
  • Reduced bone loss: one of the key health benefits when using dental implants to replace missing teeth is the stabilization of bone loss which naturally occurs in the jaw after tooth loss. The implant effectively replaces the missing tooth root and stimulates healthy bone cell growth.

Dr. Cain is a leading dentist in Knoxville for the placement of implant dentures and works with patients to create a new smile that will give them back their best quality of life. Working with our in-house periodontist and surgical partner Dr. Robert Cain we can provide the convenience of complete services under one roof and the benefit of consistent care.

Replacing missing teeth will support not only your dental health but also your physical well-being and overall health. A healthy and stable smile is a key component of long-term wellness.

traditional dentures in Knoxville, Tennessee

Traditional Dentures: what are the options?

Dentures can replace all of the upper and lower teeth and are removable for daily cleaning. Unlike traditional false teeth, today’s cosmetic dentures look and feel more like natural teeth. Most people won’t even realize you have dentures! You will be able to eat and speak normally, as well as regain confidence in social situations without worrying about dentures falling out.

Partial dentures are used when there are several teeth missing, but not a complete row missing. They can also be used to fill a significant gap or space in the row of teeth. The prosthetic is made up of replacement teeth attached to a base that mimics the appearance of your natural gums.

Metal clasps are attached to each side of the partial denture. These clasps attach to your natural teeth, creating an anchor so the partial denture fits firmly in place.

Before Dentures:

before dentures in Knoxville, TN

Prior to restoration, the patient above had gum disease. Bleeding gums were causing her pain and worsening tooth decay. We were able to provide her with dentures in our Knoxville dentist office.

After Dentures:

After dentures in Knoxville, TN

Here is her finished smile with a fixed prosthesis after getting full dentures. Her gums were treated with periodontal therapy and thoroughly cleaned.

Contact us to learn more about options for replacing missing teeth. We will conduct a comprehensive dental exam to determine if you are the right candidate for dentures. Give us a call at (865) 276-7173 today, or schedule an appointment online.

Dentures FAQs

How do I know if I need new dentures?

Your mouth changes over time, but your dentures do not change with your mouth. Dentures that do not fit like they used to should be replaced. Dentures that cause you discomfort should be replaced. The American Dental Association recommends that dentures that are older than 7 years should be replaced.

Can I get dentures the same day I get my teeth pulled?

Yes. During the first step of treatment, if you need to get teeth extracted, you may be given temporary dentures (also known as immediate dentures) to wear. Temporary dentures allow you to be able to use your mouth regularly while we custom-fabricate your final denture restoration. Once we have your new dentures created, you will return to get fitted and your denture treatment will be complete.

Do dentures have to stay wet?

Yes, dentures of all types need to be kept wet when not being worn. Your dentures can lose their shape, structural integrity, and more if they dry out.

Does your face change with dentures?

Yes, your face can change with dentures. Fortunately, its usually for the better! Implant-supported dentures have the benefit of keeping your facial structure from prematurely sagging. They promote jawbone stability and even growth.