Do I Need Periodontal Surgery?

Do I Need Periodontal Surgery?

If you have a gummy smile or are in the advanced stages of periodontal disease, your dentist may have recommended periodontal surgery. Periodontal surgery is performed by a periodontist and includes soft tissue treatments such as a gingivectomy, crown lengthening, and allografts. Periodontal surgery is designed to restore the health and aesthetic apperance of the gums in efforts to support a more stable and beautiful smile.

Periodontist Dr. Robert Cain offers comprehensive and personalized gum evaluations and a range of periodontal surgeries from the comfort of his Knoxville, TN area dentist office. If your dentist has recommended that you see a periodontist, Dr. Cain is always happy to give patients a second opinion. Our dental care team at East Tennessee Periodontics provides thorough oral exams and personalized treatment plans. We tailor treatment to achieve your personal cosmetic goals that will work towards restoring your functional oral health.

Dentist and Patient Examining X-ray periodontal surgery knoxville tn

Types of Periodontal Surgery

There are two general types of periodontal surgery: tissue additive and tissue subtractive. As their names suggest, tissue additive procedures work to rebuild lost gum tissue often a symptom of gum disease. Tissue subtractive procedures remove excess gum tissue resolving cosmetic concerns such as gummy smiles.

Periodontal Surgery For Restoring the Gum Line
Gum disease is a progressive bacterial infection of the gums that commonly results in gum recession when left untreated. As gums become inflamed, they separate from the tooth and begin to pull away. Over time, gum recession can expose the tooth root and may increase the risk of tooth loss. Tissue additive surgeries work to rebuild the gum line, stabilizing the teeth and protecting the root.

  • Subepithelial Connective Tissue Grafts: Subepithelial grafts add gingival tissue to cover exposed tooth roots and reshape the gum line. Subepithelial tissue grafts use the patients own tissue from the pallet to rebuild the gum line.
  • Soft Tissue Allografts: Soft tissue allografts rebuild the gum line and cover exposed roots just like subepithelial tissue grafts. The difference is that an allograft uses healthy tissue from a donor.

Bringing Balance to The Gum Line

  • Gingivectomy: A gingivectomy is a procedure used to remove excess tissue covering the tooth surface also known as gingival hyperplasia. Completed with noninvasive lasers, Dr. Cain can recontour the gums for a more beautiful smile without the need for sutures.
  • Esthetic Crown Lengthening: Esthetic crown lengthening is used to remove excess gum tissue from the crown of the tooth. Crown lengthening can restore the gum to tooth ratio for a more balanced and beautiful smile.

Healthy gums are essential to enjoying a beautiful, stable smile.  Using innovative laser technology and traditional periodontal plastic surgery, Dr. Cain helps patients restore their gums so they may enjoy their optimal oral health. If you are experiencing discomfort or cosmetic concern about your gums, or your dentist has recommended periodontal surgery, contact our Knoxville, TN periodontist office for a personalized consultation.