Everything You Need To Know About Dental Fillings

Having a mouth filled with damaged teeth or cavities can decrease your self-esteem. Today’s Dentistry offers dental fillings as a cosmetic option to repair your damaged teeth or fill your cavities. Dental fillings will not only help improve your smile – it will increase your confidence as well.

What is the Dental Filling Procedure?

First, Dr. Pamela Cain will use a local anesthetic to numb the affected area around the tooth or teeth to be filled. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you can elect to have a sedation dentistry treatment to ease the process. Depending on the size of the cavity or the extent of the decay, a drill, air abrasion instrument or a laser may be used to remove the decayed area. Once the decay has been removed, the area will be cleaned of all bacteria and debris. Next, the filling will be matched to the color of your teeth. A blue light (curing light) is used to harden the layers. Finally, the filling will be shaped and trimmed of any excess material and then polished. The procedure can be completed with one office visit.

What are the Types of Dental Fillings?

Although there is a range of materials that can be used for a dental filling, Dr, Cain recommends the use of composite resin or porcelain when placing an inlay or onlay.

Benefits of White Fillings:

  • Durable results that can be made to blend with your natural smile
  • Creates a tight seal around the tooth which greatly reduces the risk of future damage or decay.
  • Can improve the aesthetics of your smile with custom color matching

Dr. Cain can replace old, dark fillings with a composite white filling for a smile makeover that will also improve your oral health.

Inlays and Onlays

If your tooth decay or damage is considered significant or affecting your ability to chew properly, your dentist may recommend the placement of an inlay or onlay. Also known as partial crowns, these are considered indirect restorations and will require two visits to complete.

The first visit will include tooth preparation and dental impressions. Your custom restoration will be manufactured in a dental lab to Dr. Robinson’s specifications. Once complete, you will return to the office for final placement. At this time, we will permanently secure the inlay or onlay to restore your smile and your oral health.

Dental Filling Aftercare

Continue with your oral hygiene plan. Make routine visits for cleanings. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Be sure to use fluoride toothpaste and antibacterial mouthwash.

Drs. Pamela and Robert Cain and the team at Today’s Dentistry will restore your smile. Dental fillings are only one of the many cosmetic options offered to our patients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.