Your Teeth Will Love These 3 Smile-Friendly Snacks

While it might seem like dentists only talk about what not to do with your smile, there are actually lots of things you can do that your teeth will love! The food we eat contains nutrients that circulate through our entire bodies, and our teeth benefit from those too. Enjoy these 3 snacks that contain key benefits for your smile so your next visit with Knoxville dentist Dr. Pamela Cain goes smoothly!


Pretty much any type of cheese, whether string, cubed, sliced, or melted, is good for your smile. Not only is cheese easily accessible and easy to chew, but it is packed with protein and calcium to keep teeth and bones strong. Cheese also helps balance your mouth’s pH levels to neutralize any harmful acids on your tooth surface. Your dentist will be happy to hear you make cheese a regular part of your diet.

Fruit Smoothies

Any of your favorite fruits or vegetables can be blended into a smoothie, but kiwi and strawberries are a particularly great combination. Strawberries are high in vitamin C, which helps your body fight off infections like gum disease. Kiwi is packed with calcium, which is an essential mineral to keep teeth enamel strong and resistant to cavities. Blend with water, spinach and a few drops of orange extract to take away any bitterness and you’ve got yourself a tasty, filling, and smile-friendly snack.

Carrots or Celery Sticks

While it’s not the most exciting snack, any raw vegetable is good for your oral health. Carrots and celery sticks have several key benefits to your oral health. Not only are they full of essential vitamins and minerals that help your smile, but they stimulate saliva production because of how crunchy they are. Higher saliva production means more saliva to keep the mouth moist and clean to prevent bacteria buildup.

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