Why You Should Fix Your Crooked Teeth Sooner Than Later

In a perfect world, we would all be blessed with a perfect straight white set of teeth that makes a wonderful, beautiful smile.

That being said, a lot of us must deal with crooked teeth, whether we were born that way, or had some type of trauma to the face. Whatever the reason is that you have crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth or overlapping teeth, it is imperative to address them.

In this post, we are going to explain how crooked teeth are more than simply a cosmetic issue, and may lead to much more severe dental issues if left untreated. Check out the problems that crooked teeth may cause.

  • Cleaning Problems: Let’s face it; overlapping things are more difficult to clean, especially when you can not easily move them. Crooked teeth will create hard to reach places inside your mouth, even with the best dental cleaning tools. These hard to reach places will give a place for bacteria to hide and grow causing such problems like gum disease or tooth decay.
  • Additional Risk Of Injury: If you have an accident involving your face, such as impact to your face, crooked teeth will increase your chances of damage to the inside of your lip. If your teeth are crooked, it creates a rigid edge that can easily puncture the insides of your mouth such as your lips and cheeks.
  • Tooth Wear: Crooked teeth are often overcrowded and overlapping, which can cause friction between your teeth. This friction will damage your tooth enamel, leaving them more prone to tooth decay and cavities.
  • Confidence: Often times, your smile is the first thing that people notice about you upon meeting you, and as we all find out, first impressions go along way, in both your personal and professional lives.

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