What Are White Dental Fillings?

If you have a severely decayed or weakened tooth, you probably need a dental filling. Dr. Pamela Cain can help provide white dental fillings to her patients in Knoxville, Tennessee. At East Tennessee Periodontics, Dr. Cain removes dental infections and repairs the smile using white dental fillings. This modern alternative to traditional metal fillings creates a cosmetically appealing result while adding stability to the patient’s smile.

White Dental Fillings in Knoxville, Tennessee

Why Choose White Dental Fillings?

With white dental fillings, patients preserve more of their natural teeth. Dr. Cain can help save more of your tooth material without the need to drill into the tooth. White dental fillings are also directly bonded to the tooth unlike traditional metal or silver fillings, which do not supply patients with bonding durability. Because white dental fillings are the same color as natural teeth, they easily blend in with the smile. White dental fillings are just as strong as traditional metal dental fillings.

Treatment with Dental Fillings

To begin dental filling treatment, Dr. Cain uses a local anesthetic and numbs the treated tooth. She removes tooth decay from the inside of the tooth and cleans the tooth chamber. Then, she etches a small portion of the tooth to create a proper bonding surface for the filling. Then, Dr. Cain color matches composite resin to the shade of your tooth and then sculpts the resin on or in the tooth.

Once the resin is the correct color and shape, Dr. Cain cures it with a special light so it hardens in place. She will ensure that your new white dental fillings fit well so they can properly seal out decay. Patients can receive their new white dental fillings in one visit to Dr. Cain’s dental office.

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Do you need a dental filling? Are you looking for filling material that blends in with your smile? Schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Pamela Cain on our website. You may also call Dr. Cain for an appointment at 865.276.7173. Please let Dr. Cain know if you have any questions about your candidacy for white fillings. She will be glad to help you.